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Welcome to this scientific ( medical / thoracic surgical ) website of mine

Information For Patients :

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Information for patients, written in plain words, can be found by downloading and printing the files below.

Thoracic Surgical Operations

Information about procedures in the chest in general:

Lung cancer, pneumothorax, lobectomy & pneumonectomy topics
are discussed among others

Adobe Reader file, sized 1.1 MB
15 colour pages in English 🇬🇧🇺🇸

Incisions & Approaches

Information about thoracic surgical Incisions and Approaches :

Thoracotomy, mediastinotomy, sternotomy, VATS & robotic surgery (RATS)
topics are discussed among others

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14 colour pages in English 🇬🇧🇺🇸

Information for patients, written in common, plain words can also be found by following the Links below on:
Patients who will undergo surgery, are advised to :
  • bring along with them ALL medical data & information during their examination by their attending physician or their admission. The following items should definitely be physically present:
    • the medical images themselves (digitally stored in optical media, such as CDs or DVDs, or printed on film or paper) of any previous CT or MRI scans & X–rays. The scans' Reports alone are not adequate.
    • any medication that they are already on (or the prescription for their medication).
    • any already existing biopsy (or “Histopathology” or “Histology” or “Pathology”), Cytology, Bronchoscopy Report(s), Respiratory Function Tests etc.
  • have stopped smoking at least 2 - 3 weeks prior to the scheduled operation date (to find out Why, please hover your pointing device over this Link )
  • have NOT been administered any single dose of Aspirin during 10 days prior to the scheduled operation date, no matter how “low” the dose may seem. Aspirin (“acetylsalicylate”) is contained in medications with various Trade Names, such as: Aspirin® (by Beyer), Salospir®, Neospir®, Egicalm® etc. (to find out Why, please hover your pointing device over this Link )
  • have preoperatively signed the appropriate Written Consent Form after full and detailed information (regarding the benefits expected and the risks of the operation) in front or witnesses. The latter are usually the consenting patient's own relatives.
DISCLAIMER of any liability : The information, photographs and ideas of this scientific website are solely provided for informative purposes alone. They are not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of a trained health professional. Responsible advice for an individual patient can only be provided after an appropriate examination of the given patient by a physician, licensed to practise medicine.

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Thank you for visiting this scientific ( medical / thoracic surgical ) website of mine.

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