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Welcome to this medical ( thoracic surgical ) website of mine

Homepage in English :

  • Colonel of the Hellenic Army Medical Corps, Consultant Thoracic Surgeon:
  • Head ( a.k.a. “ Director ” ) of the Thoracic Surgery Department, ‘The 424 Teaching Military General Hospital’ in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece, since 1999.

Photo inside the Royal Brompton hospital. From Right to Left:

Prof. Peter Goldstraw, FRCS, Mr Kit Wong, Col. Ioannis Papachristos, SRW Ward Nurse, observor‑Dr & Mr George Ladas

Services provided :

  • Treatment for :
    • Lung cancer ( NSCLC )
    • Pneumothorax ( collapsed lung )
    • Reflux ( GERD or GORD ), hiatal hernia
    • Lung diseases
    • Chest trauma: fractured ribs, sternum etc.
    • Chest Wall & Mediastinum diseases
    • Pleural effusion (of fluid)
    • Achalasia, tumors of esophagus
  • Mini thoracotomy
  • Lung, Pleura biopsy
  • Mediastinal Lymph nodes biopsy
  • Video–assisted thoracoscopic VATS ) procedures
  • More details on the  Clinical Work  webpage
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Thank you for visiting this medicalthoracic surgical ) website of mine.

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